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runescapegold2007.comBelow is an in-depth Review, read user feedback and comments about this merchant. Find out is safe and legit or scam. Also listed below a quick price comparison from other websites and get the latest coupons for bonus gold and discounts. Profile

Shop Name RunescapeGold2007 Runescapegold2007 home
Rating : Customer rating
Website :
Contact Details : E:
T: 1-919-518-9758
Operate Since: 2013-02-24
Tang zaiping (
Room 1812, Building A, Central International Mansion
HeFei, AnHui 230001
CN is a CHINESE GOLD SITE and registered under administrative contact named Tang Zaiping and operate in CHINA.

Website is registered this February, 2013 and it amaze me how they reach top #1 for the word ‘Runescape Gold’. As being a SEO, I try to find out the reason behind achieving fast ranking for a competitive keyword.

Runescape Gold has an average US monthly search of 14,800 and Average CPC of $1.61 this how much will cost per click if you apply for Adwords.

According to Ahrefs, has 19K backlinks (see image below) in span of 6 months. This amaze me and investigate more further, that’s why I check their backlinks sources.


I found out that involve in ‘link schemes‘, used to manipulate site’s ranking in Google Search result. They create multiple websites – a private network blog like,,,, etc.


RunescapeGold2007 Sister’s Website

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Company Price and Feature Comparison

RANK 1 2 In Review
Company Guy4Game MMOGA Runescape Gold2007
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Sample Price as of 2013-08-31
RuneScape Gold
(200M Goldl)
(+10% Bonus)


RuneScape 2007 Gold
(20M Goldl)
(+5% Bonus)


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Runescapegold2007 was established in 2006. We have been focusing in providing cheap runescape 2007 gold, runescape 2007 powerleveling, runescape 2007 account, runescape 2007 items, runescape 2007 equipments and other runescape 2007 stuffs. We take customers’ satisfaction as our first aim.

In the past 4 years, we have served more than fifty thousand customers from all of the world. Most of them have become our loyal customers because of our cheap price, fast delivery speed and friendly customer service.

Runescapegold2007 will continue to provide best service with cheap price and fast speed for our old and new customers. We welcome our customers to tell us your suggestions so that we can improve to be better and better! SE Traffic

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Show me some love! If you already tried any of RunescapeGold2007 services and would you like to share your experience, feel free to review this merchant and submit your testimonial below. We would appreciate your help as well as you can also help others to decide is SCAM or not. TY!


4 thoughts on “ Review

  • August 31, 2013 at 3:08 am

    Many websites belong to the one i got scammed by is on the front page of their web site it says 5 minute delivery for the virtual product of in game gold. It has been 4 days since that 5 minutes was up. they have a phone number if you want to call it. 919-518-9758 but nothing happens just rings and rings. but there is also live help on their website. they will answer on the chat with very broken translated english. names on the live chat are Jee, Xei or Li those are some of the few i talked to. after they give you the run around day after day and you get mad enough to ask for your money back they will tell you to email or and they will do the same. i have e-mailed them and asked for my money back and they say they need time, even though the live chat person says contact them through email to get your money back. more than likely if your reading this you got burned by them too. there is 4 unanswered complaints with the BBB better business bureau they have a F rating from A+ to F . there is even another link on this website but its just gobbledygook to cover anyone going to complain.

  • August 31, 2013 at 3:13 am

    I constantly get spam add messages with this site. I can’t find how I can unsubscribe. I’m not interested at all!

  • August 31, 2013 at 3:24 am

    I’d like to repost my comment buying powerleveling and buying meso with since this they are owned and operate by single company this will serve as warn to others before making transactions with

    Order powerlvl from them 10-14-2010 lvl 30-50 so far up to date same lvl so far never played. They may have new worker now and they are behind in staff. old staff worker must left along time ago. Old service was great!!!!!! aka LILY… New worker SUPER SLOW.Never answer sometimes and other time busy. I contact them 5-10 times per day but no respond or slow sometimes lie!!!! if you are looking for a job talk to mark H.They need help in powerlvl in maplestory.

    Buying meso so far from them in the past till today as long as you buy low meso under 100mil they can keep up with that so far no issue. they claim they are back in action due to massive bann with super fast meso and powerlvl. FAIL!!!!!

    Will updated IF powerlvl is completed!!!!

    Pending SCam and fraud!!!!


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