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In-depth Review

If your looking website that offers online platform for MMO players to buy, sell and trade in-game items and accounts, PlayerAuctions is has this unique service. Their systems can supports player-to-player traiding for popular MMOs such as World of Warcraft, SWTOR, Rift, Diablo 3 and many others.

PlayerAuctions started November of 1999 and because of this auction hosting platform for MMORPG players they got interested in digital asset trading or also known as Real Money Trading ‘RMT’.

As the service get popular and the market get bigger, expect lots of problems will rises. And these complaint get viral and they try to control it by giving fake reviews but the damage is done and players get wised in identify fake and legit comments and reviews. SE Traffic

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Show me some love! If you already tried any of Player Auctions services and would you like to share your experience, feel free to review this merchant and submit your testimonial below. We would appreciate your help as well as you can also help others to decide is SCAM or not. TY!




4 thoughts on “ Review”

  1. I tried to sell my accounts in PlayerAuctions but I encountered so many problems and they push me to talk to other players. I just noticed that PlayerAuctions are just middleman taking commissions.

  2. My business with PlayerAuction has been more than better, so far, I have enjoyed their service and will SURELY be using them in the future, thank you PlayerAuction for making the buying of games and it’s product that much more easier!

  3. Hello consumers, I am here today to list my experience with PlayerAuctions as a SELLER, not a buyer. It is weird how they will completely disregard merchants when they are the backbone of the site by offering their products and services. =============================================================================
    I was a seller on the site, with a 100% positive feedback rating. I made the mistake of attempting to trade off-site with a potential buyer which is against site policy, and was rightfully suspended. I received an e-mail from them being told to respond to
    the e-mail and my account would be reactivated. I responded to the e-mail and shortly after I received an e-mail from them asking to pay a $150 fine and to put down a $300 deposit for a total of $450… For a first time offense.
    ============================================================================= It should be noted that I had been using the site as a merchant for approximately two weeks and had generated approximately $120 in sales and I had been owed around 80 dollars in
    pending disbursements. I looked through the website and nowhere do they mention any fine of any sort for breaking the policies, so in my mind I feel I should not have to pay this ridiculous penalty. =============================================================================
    I contacted customer support in hopes of getting my account reactivated. I spoke to a person who claims to go by the name of Jedrick. I was told that it was the site’s policy, yet when I asked him where on the site it states I would be fined if I broke the
    rules, he couldn’t and simply asked me to pay the excessive fine and apologized. I continued to question him about the fine, seeing that the only mention of it anywhere is in the e-mail I received; however, all he could offer me were his condolences. I am
    very upset with the way PA handled this, seeing that they essentially stole my product and pocketed the profit themselves. For now I will stick to being an independent merchant and rely on more trusted auction sites such as eBay. ========================To
    any PlayerAuctions employee====================== I am willing to compromise and discuss a potential solution to this issue and subsequently remove this review and my complaint to the Better Business Bureau. My time on the site was very good, and admittedly
    I made a huge mistake, but I believe the mistake I made does not justify the punishment.

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