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Shop Name MMO Honest Sale home
Rating : Customer rating
Website :
Email :
Telephone: n/a
Live Chat : Available
Domain Registrant and Address: Xu Juan
huaibei xiang shan, Anhui CN 200000


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In-depth Review was built last April 2010 an online shop that is heavily focus on selling BoE items, mounts, gears, weapons and power leveling in World of Warcraft.

I have the chance to talk to their customer support, named Sophia. I was asking about that button under Rare Mount page is not working and how I supposed to buy a mount I desired. But the solution gave to me by Sophia is that I need to send the amount to then give me the information order and she will do it for me. That sounds sneaky so I decline. But then again I ask how fast they can deliver a Ashes of Al’ar? She said they can deliver it within 24 hrs! Woah that’s like delivering a gold from a player. It is clear that customer support is not orient properly and to be honest to their customer. Leaving false promises may lead their company like to their downfall. After the chat, I didn’t send my $699 to them and rather to find seller to buy the Ashes of Al’Ar. Site Info

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4 thoughts on “ Review

  • November 27, 2012 at 11:01 am

    Took payment and failed to deliver items on two different dates. They did not even try to complete order. Character never ran anything. They also did not refund the money when asked. Buyer beware….

  • March 16, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    These guys are absolute scammers. I tried to purchase trade mats that I was told were ” in stock and can be shipped in 3 hours”. Great until the excuses started to include wanting my account and authenticator info to trade the items. NO WAY pal. After asking repeatedly for a refund I opened a dispute with PayPal and I am petitioning to have their account suspended. Do not even consider these scam artists.

  • May 3, 2013 at 10:44 am

    Well, let me tell you a story…of scam started in April 2013.

    I’ve been a victim for this site. I had ordered a rare level 90 gun for Hunter class and apparently, I waited for few days, I thought they had the item in stock, I got a chance to talk to this customer service named “Sophia” – not sure if that’s her real name (or even if it is a female), however I asked them how long it would take for the order to be received in-game. She told me within 3 weeks – whoa there, they did not mention THAT on their website! I said that order would be proceeded instantly after they had received payment. Furthermore, I asked her about how the item would be sent, she said via in-game mail or face-to-face…
    Literally, almost a month went by, still no item. I had a chance to talk to her – Sophia again today. I complained if they didn’t get the item I would have to ask them for a refund.
    Now I got a message about how I should/need to transfer my character over to the realm their Raid character were at – or I wouldn’t get that item. WTF?! Hang on a minute, didn’t they mention about where they would find the realm where my character is at and give it to my character face-to-face or by in-game mail!?!?
    Then, what’s with the…”I need to transfer my character to the realm their Raid character is”????
    Also, if they still haven’t been able to find the rare weapon, then what’s the point for me to transfer my character over that realm!?

    So, I declined. I thought it sounded a bit dodgy. Why should I transfer my character over there would cost me more money which I had little of.
    So, next thing they said they could give me a rare level 90 helmet instead – which I must add 40$ since the helmet cost $149 (and the gun cost $109). Balony!!

    I can’t believe it. Unbelievable!
    They did NOT mention these things on their website at all! Honest my @$$! Their customer service is very lousy, I have a feeling they aren’t being very honest! The lady sometimes replies few words and not being so much helpful at all! I ask her something and gets the most shortest one word to few paragrahs of replies.

    I have been to other site and ordered gold, and it took me at least 2-3 days to obtain them. I guess gold is more easier than receiving a rare Raid loot item. It’s only a shame that site doesn’t have rare Raid weapon I am looking for.

    I got $109 flew out the window for an item I was supposed to get but did not. I could file a dispute report but what’s the point, I might not even get that money back! >8(

    This is the most unreliable site ever, scam artists at its best.
    Now that you have read this, make yourself a favour, do NOT purchase anything from this site. You might be disagreeing with me right now or not, but this is what I have had experienced and will be the last time ever because I will NEVER coming back to this site again.

  • July 16, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    completely fake avoid at all cost !

    they scam you for your money and never deliver on their promises or items. such a waste of time.

    I ordered a rare item the other day for my character. I was so hopeful and excited that finally I would get myself a rare item. but when I checked the next day it wasn’t delivered. I tried their stupid-good for nothing live chat and this veeerrrrryyyy rude lady tells me(in broken English) that they cant deliver the items yet. and that I will have to wait for two more days for their ‘team’ to come online and ‘deliver’ the item. waited for 2 days then finally this guy name ‘jason’ tells me to transfer my character over to another german server and as alliance. I checked at blizzard and it seems it would cost me around 45 pounds extra to do so. pfffffff! they NEVER mentioned it even once on their site about this. looks like once they get your money they like to screw with your head and waste your time.
    My suggestion get a team and do the raid yourself to get the item you want rather than trust phoney morons with your money.


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