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GameUSD.comBelow is an in-depth Review, read user feedback and comments about this merchant. Find out is safe and legit or scam. Also listed below a quick price comparison from other websites and get the latest coupons for bonus gold and discounts. Profile

Shop Name GameUSD GameUSD home
Rating : Customer rating
Website :
Contact Details : LiveChat
T: 800-933-2816
Operate Since: 2005-01-17
Owner Ross Miller of NPB-Tech Inc.


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Company Price and Feature Comparison

RANK 1 2 In Review
Company Guy4Game Bank of WoW GameUSD
RATINGS Customer rating Customer rating Customer rating
Sample Price as of 2014-01-12
WoW Gold
(Lightning Blade – 50K )
(+5% Bonus LUCKY7622)


Diablo 3 Gold
(US-Normal – 1,000M )
(88% Customers Gets Gold <0.5 Hour)


SWTOR Credits
(Begeren – 10,000K )
(85% Customers Gets Gold <0.5 Hour )


Features Customer rating Customer rating Customer rating
Pricing Customer rating Customer rating Customer rating
Delivery Speed Customer rating Customer rating Customer rating
Customer Reviews Customer rating Customer rating Customer rating
Other Services
Currency Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Accounts Check Mark X Mark X Mark
Items X Mark Check Mark X Mark
Power Leveling Check Mark X Mark Check Mark
Gold Reviews Read Our Reviews Read Our Reviews Read Our Reviews
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GameUSD is the one the company that offer different prices for different delivery speeds. It means if you want your order be priority on their list you must be willing to pay higher than usual orders, specially those highly populated servers in WoW. But what I like about this site is you will surely get a Money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with their service.

They also offer different delivery methods depend in your preferences. You can specify if you want to receive your gold via Face-to-face, in-game mail or Auction House Buyout.

Lastly, what I like most with this company is that I can save up to 10% of my order using bonus points you accumulate during your last order. For those who are intrigue about their bonus points policy visit their FAQ section > Bonus Points.


Why trust GameUSD?

GameUSD is Paypal verified, it means that the website authorize transactions using Paypal as payment method. Not all RMT companies not permitted by Paypal to use their payment system due to high number of reports against the merchant. You can assure that you will get a smooth transaction and you can get 100% of what you paid if everything not turns out fine.

GameUSD is McAfee tested and SECURE! You don’t need to worry that your personal info along with your credit card details will be at risk. They are secured and not be used in unlawful act.

Aside from that they are Verisign Trusted, 5/5 Live Person Rated and you can read previous review from their client. Though you can’t please all but they have this outstanding score of 95.72%. SE Traffic

This will give you an idea on how many traffic those had in a period of year. Their consistency of how players going back to this site to buy more golds.

comment box
Show me some love! If you already tried any of GameUSD services and would you like to share your experience, feel free to review this merchant and submit your testimonial below. We would appreciate your help as well as you can also help others to decide is SCAM or not. TY!


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