Killer Guides FFXIV Review

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KillerGuides FFXIVBelow is an in-depth Killer Guides Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Guide Review, read user feedback and comments about this FFXIV Guide. Find out is safe and legit or scam. Also listed below pros and cons for buying this guide and how this FFXI Guide can help you to level fast and gain gil cap. Profile

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Killer Guides News

SEPT 11, 2013: Killer Guides now offer an ALL ACCESS PASS, which you able to use the 200+ guide that Killer Guides has for the price of $89.99. These include their top guides from WoW, Diablo 3, SWTOR and FFXIV. For more details visit Killer Guides – All Access Pass.

SEPT 10, 2013: The Killer Guides Final Fantasy XIV update their FFXIV complete package, from three guides you can now have the FIVE GUIDES and still at the same price of $49.99. These include the arcanist guide (NEW), class guide, leveling guide, lancer guide (NEW) and gil guide.


In-depth KillerGuides Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Guide Review

If you’re having trouble how to get advance and level fast to out-level your friends and guildmates? Don’t know which is the builds that will work best for PvE, PvP and Gil mining? And which is the best way to earn gils fast and buy your desired armor and weapon? This is guide for you, the KillerGuides Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Guide.

The KillerGuides Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Guide is divided into three guides with more than 120+ pages for each guide. To discussed throughly about the fastest way to get gils without experiencing a never-ending grinding and farming, what is the fastest route to reach level cap without spending too much time and which is the best and most sought after class to used for PvE and PvP.


What to Expect with KillerGuides FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Guide?

Expect this guide to be an epic like their other MMORPG guide they released. This FFXIV guide is not like an ordinary guide that info can be Google, this references offer are high-end gaming strategies, tips and walkthroughs in Final Fantasy XIV.

Give you several choices for the best builds for each class and jobs, how you can level faster than your friends. Provide you the complete list of skills and abilities and help you understand the full length of each class and jobs’ pros & cons. Learn the best strategies for class-specific solo and group strategies and how to reach gil cap.


Killer Guides FFXIV: Insight to each guides

FFXIV Arcanist Guide (53 pages) *NEW

The FFXIV Arcanist Guide will help you boost your Arcanist to the level cap in just a matter of 7 days time. This guide will help you which the best equipment to pick up, skills rotation and pulling strategies. This guide will give you a detailed reference of the best abilities and traits to use. Lastly secret tricks on how Arcanists can mass a small gil fortune that you can’t find in blogs or forum….

FFXIV Class Guide (79 pages)

In 79 pages of the FFXIV Class guide most of the content are talk about the best class combination, these are all tried and tested by KG experts and come up with the best class combination. This guide will also provide you the most effective skill rotations and a cheat sheet for the best equipment for your class. Also contains an extensive reference of skills and abilities for each class for your easy reference, plus tips on when best to use them. Lastly and what I love most they know how to truly shine your character in groups and become a the key player. There also some class-specific gil making tips..


FFXIV Gil Guide (136 pages) YOU MUST HAVE!

Among the other guides, this Gil guide is the mostly used. I highly recommend that you have this, its 136 pages of the guide is full of top gil making strategies that you will never find online, a gil guide for each class, how can you easily double your income after entering dungeons and for each crafting jobs.


FFXIV Leveling Guide (118 pages)

If you are struggling to reach the level cap this step-by-step leveling guide is perfect for you. Providing you a list which is the most rewarding quest, professional analysis of the mechanics and interoperability, some tactical advise in skill & class rotations. Aside from gil, you will be guide in what is the best equipment for your character. If you haven’t used Macros, congratulations having this guide you will guided on how to use macros and what is the best to make use of it for gil making. An inside-view on the strategies, tactics, skills and locations of the richest players in Eorzea: Find out how to make an insane amount of Gil within a single evening.

FFXIV Lancer Guide (73 pages)

Lancer is one the favorite this days so I recommend this with my friend and he reached lv 50 in a just a week. Leveling is a breeze as this guide provide him the best equip to use in each level, which skill to pick first for leveling, provide a rotation and tactical gameplay. And now he’s earning more gils than I used before, he learn how to monotize his character and he f*ckin love it!





check a guide that allows you to get the best class and jobs and how you can touchdown on the level cap faster than your friends 

check a guide that able you to understand the full length of each class and jobs’ pros and cons explained in assiduous detail 

check a guide consists of advanced class-specific solo and group strategies

check a guide that explain deeply how to get fast Gil

check a guide that helps you to improved leveling advice focused on boosting each character to the level cap in no time 

check Help you to Find out how to effectively boost skills, abilities and performance for maximum performance 



checkIt consists of 3 seperates guides which cost you $89.97 if you buy it seperately but if you buy it in bundle you can have it for $49.00.


Final Thoughts!

If you are a beginner and tired of looking guides online this guide is for you. It is easy to use, even a player who just play the game recently they can easily understand the guides. All the guides are synchronized and so you will not puzzled what to do next. They have section in which map to go to and monster to kill, advisable skills and equips to maximize your character potential as well as if you plan to farm for gils they have this section that all types of tested techniques on how to acquire gils are listed.

Again this a nice guide to have, you can try it and if the guide didn’t reach your fulfillment you can ask for refund as they offer money back guarantee. Join us and see you online as Killer Guides FFXIV users! ROCK ON!





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  • August 29, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    I have read as much as I can and I must say I so wish I had bought this a long time ago, the amount of knowledge and understanding I am getting from this guide is great!


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