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FFXIV GilLooking for Best Place to Buy FFXIV Gil? Or Googling where can I buy FFXIV gil? Here at Gold Review Box we list the best site to buy FFXIV gil, where to buy FFXIV gil cheap and can fast deliver your gil safe and fast.

On this page, you will find links to top companies to buy FFXIV gil and powerleveling. Lately gil in FFXIV are really hard to acquire it took you hundred of hours for you to acquire 10,000K gil and so many people do not want to spend their time farming, they prefer to play and enjoy the game. Many people earn gold the old fashioned way by spending a lot of time grinding what they need for mounts, repairs, mats, consumables and other things they need for the game. Many people choose to buy game currency from FFXIV gil sites so they do not have to waste time. Below I have a list of the best places to buy FFXIV gil and services.

Gold Review Box collects information based on our collect data, customer review, information from other sources and etc. We compile and rank them to make it easier for you to identify the Best Place to Buy FFXIV Gil. If you find our page useful, we greatly appreciate if you will share our website to your friends and kindly leave comment for those company you had tried with, either good or bad comments to inform others and to rank sites accordingly. If you wish to suggest other companies for me to look at please contact me.




Guy4gameGUY4GAME is the leading virtual gold merchant since 2004 and has provided more than 5,000,000 MMORPG players with gold, power-leveling, gear, accounts CD-Keys and other value-added services.

In my experience with Guy4game, they might not offer the cheapest price but they never fail to give the best prices. They are not hypocrite in promising you that they can deliver your gil in 5-10 mins but you are sure that your gil will be delivered in next 4-24 hrs or you may ask for a refund with no question ask. Also in my experience of using Guy4game, I have 3 accounts in WoW and Diablo 3 that still in active status. I assure your account is in good hands, unlike my other banned accounts used in testing other website services I don’t want to name just see my shop list who is the poor and who is recommended.

UPDATE 2013-10-15 : 50% of the customers get gold with in 0.5 hrs.

RATING: 4.5 star rating
SERVICE: FFXIV Gil and Powerleveling

PRICE: 5,000k Gil/ $193.48 $97.96 MOST CHEAPEST
ETA: 0.5 – 24 hrs and 53% of their customer get gold in half an hour.
COUPON: LUCKY3397CHQI (5% OFF). If you find the coupon not working, kindly check their website for updated coupon.
Read our review with


Listed websites below are not in my recommended list but these are the list from Google when you searched for ‘FFXIV Gil’. With this you can easily compare ratings and price, also I think it is reasonable enough to make a review on this site to find out are they best site to buy FFXIV gil.


IGEWe already made our review with and we gave them a rating of 2.5/5 due to losing the position of recommended merchant in other gold site review, high prices of 20-30% compare to other website and other delivery issues.

IGE who are run before by Yantis Enterprices and operating since 2004. As I recall IGE is one of the first company who offer currency in other games like Everquest and World of Warcraft.

UPDATE 2013-10-15 : IGE Experiencing shortage in FFXIV gil

IGXE eperiencing gil shortage

RATING: 2.5 star rating
PRICE: 5,000k Gil/ $149.99
COUPON: No Available at the Moment
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IGXEInternet Game Exchange ( is one of well known RMT as of today and been in this industry since 2001.  They originates in United States and expand their company to Hongkong and China where they put major of their operations.

What I can say with IGXE is that they may not offer the cheapest price but their client support via live chat really improve compare to last time. They also offer wide range of services in Final Fantasy XIV, aside from FFXIV Gil they do sell in-game items, power leveling as well as CD Key. Lastly, IGXE has multiple number of sister’s website. They not confirm it yet but you will notice because they have similar website layout, phone number to call and set of prices.


RATING: 2.5 star rating
PRICE: 5,000k Gil / $123.01
COUPON: No Available at the Moment
QUICK LINKS: is a merchant design to provide services for in in-game currency like FFXI GIL, FFXIV GIL, CD Keys and game collectibles. As I mention earlier, safeffxivgil is sister’s company of so if you love buying from that merchant feel the same way with Safe FFXIV Gil in terms of delivery speed and security. Since both site are owned by single company, I prefer this merchant because the price is much cheaper.


RATING: 2.5 star rating
SERVICE: FFXIV Gil, CD Key, Power Leveling, Items, Guides
PRICE: 5,000k Gil / $98.41
COUPON: No Available at the Moment
Also see our review with


MMO SaleMmosale International Limited, established in Hong Kong in 2004, has become the leading MMORPG secondary-market service provider and is providing reliable game virtual currency and power leveling services.

RATING: 2.5 star rating
SERVICE: FFXIV Gil, items, powerleveling, CD Key, Game card
PRICE: 5,000k Gil/ $143.81
COUPON: No Available at the Moment
MMOSale are MORONS –
MMOSale are swindlers – beware –
3.1/10 rating from


MMO SaleI’m not comfortable with the safe, I feel unsafe. The only way to contact them is via Live Chat and I try once to contact them just to clear the doubt but here’s what I found..

"No operators will answer your inquiry at MmoBays"

MMOBays No operator Available

What if it happens multiple times and no number or email to contact to update your order status? What will happen to amount you paid for? Just like what I’m always saying, before buying anything be investigative or do some research about the merchant.

As I make a research further, MMOBays is sister’s website of BroSale, and MMOBay, who received an 0.8/10 rating in MMOBux and has ‘poor customer service complaint from As they claim that they are almost 10 years in the business and they just change name, why? I don’t know, maybe to avoid the bad publicity of their old website name.


RATING: 2.5 star rating
SERVICE: FFXIV Gil, items, powerleveling, and CD Key
PRICE: 5,000k Gil/ $197.90
COUPON: No Available at the Moment

FFXIV Gil & Merchant News

SEPT 20, 2013 – 6 merchant listed, also see price drop of each merchant. Currency and server comparison is at NA-Adamantoise for 5,000 gil.




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Show me some love! If you already tried any of the services from merchants above and would you like to share your experience, feel free to review this merchant and submit your testimonial below. We would appreciate your help as well as you can also help others to decide in finding the Best Place to Buy FFXIV Gil. TY!





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